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Hacker (Amstrad CPC)

Mensajepor Colossus » 15 Oct 2012, 18:42

(por Colossus)

It s late and you ve spent the night working electronic bulletin boards with your computer.

You re ready to quit but decide to call up just one more. Beeing tired, you accidentally call the wrong number and, before you can hang up, your computer screen turns blue.

The words "Logon please" appear.

What do you do now? You don t know the password. You don t even know what computer system you ve hacked into. But you do know you want to find out more.

How? You ve found your way in. Now find your way out.

Activision Inc. 1985

Edición de PROEIN S.A., D.L. M-33697-1985

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