Dragon s Lair Part II (Commodore 64)

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Dragon s Lair Part II (Commodore 64)

Mensajepor ZONADEPRUEBAS » 15 Oct 2012, 18:42

(por mainframe)

Just a short time ago Dirk the Daring our hero rescued the beautiful Princess Daphne and returned her to King Aethelred her father...

The Kingdom rejoiced at the return of their Princess and the peace that has been secured for the Kingdom, Dirk being made of the sterner stuff decides to return to the Dragon s Lair to seek his fortune from the Lizard Kings domain which lies deep within the castles depths.

It is rumoured that a pot of gold coins is there for the taking that will give wealth beyond dreams. However, there are drawbacks, the Lizard King does not take too kindly to visitors entering his domain and has enchanted the pot of gold with a magic spell. If Dirk does manage to collect the gold, he will then have to face many perils before encountering the mud monsters.

Defeat them and then freedom and the hand of the fair Daphne will be his.

Lead on Adventurer!

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