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King of the Monsters (NEOGEO AES)

Publicado: 15 Oct 2012, 18:42
(por mainframe)

You ve never witnessed or experienced wrestling action like that of the 6 brutal monsters that go for the kill in this 55 megs of growling stereo action! You and a friend battle it out! Or work together to beat the NEOGEO s choice of monster. Head slam, Back break, Body slam, Head lock, it s all up to your skills in handling the 8 way joy stick controller to defeat your opponent.

You ll be blown away by the destruction these bad boys can cause in several populated cities as these gruesome ugly beasts are wacked into the sides of high rise buildings and thrown into high voltage wires. The colorful graphics in this game may be more than you can handle, so watch your step and maybe you can become KING OF THE MONSTERS!

SNK 1991