Head Over Heels (Amstrad PCW 8256)

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Head Over Heels (Amstrad PCW 8256)

Mensajepor Colossus » 15 Oct 2012, 18:42

(por Colossus)

Hi! My name s Mr. Head. Some say I m the one with the brains but I don t think my flat footed friend would agree. I m a real sharp shooter, but without my pal Mr. Heels I d get nowhere fast... or slow! I can jump over like a flea and even glide but Heels is the Daley Thompson of the two of us - he s FAST! Together, if we can find each other, we really do make an awesome twosome, and that s the only way we can overcome the emperor Blacktooth. The last time we entered Castle Blacktooth we found the crowns of THREE of the suppressed kingdoms but by that time I d run out of doughnut ammunition and my buddy was lost somewhere in the Safari world - it was the closest we had come to defeating that rapscallion - we were jumping for joy, splitting our sides, dying with laughter... we were Head over Heels!

Ocean 1987

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