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Dungeon Explorer (NEC TurboGrafx)

Publicado: 15 Oct 2012, 18:42
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Welcome, adventurer, to a strange land. This is a world of magic, potions, alien masters and hidden dangers. But listen closely now, for you are the last hope of this once peaceful nation.

You are in the land of Oddesia. Summoned by the former king, you have been sent on a mission. Somewhere deep within the ancient dungeons of this broken land lies a sacred stone. This "ORA Stone" possesses the powers of life, light and happiness. Long ago, before the attack of the alien race that conquered and now rules this land, it was hidden deep within these caverns. The aliens still rule Oddesia with terror and violence. Strange and dangerous creatures occupy the underground labyrinth of the dungeons, wherein lies the stone. The alien King, Natas, himself searches for the Stone. He promises death to anyone that stands in his way.

Your mission is to find the ORA Stone, return it to the Oddesian people and restore peace to the land. But beware! The aliens know of your mission and are determined to stop you. If you must venture alone, then go! But hear my words, brave soldier. Consider gathering your friends in this gallant quest. Help each other to reach the ORA Stone. The hearts of the Oddesian people go with you!

Hudson Soft y Altus, Ltd. 1989