Pac-Land (NEC TurboGrafx)

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Pac-Land (NEC TurboGrafx)

Mensajepor ZONADEPRUEBAS » 15 Oct 2012, 18:42

(por mainframe)

A fairy princess has appeared in Pac-Land and it s Pac-Man s job to help her out! Leap over bridges, cross over rivers and face mountains, forests and deserts in your quest to save her.

But watch out! Monsters are everywhere. In this all-new Pac-Man adventure you ll have to use your head as well as your playing skills to reach "Monster Mansion," win back the fairy princess, score points and return home to your Pac-Man family. Hidden secrets, special features and dangerous passageways abound in this all-out, monster-gobbling adventure.

Take any of 8 different trips through Pac-Land!

Namco 1989

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